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Shanghai Huguang Transformer Co., Ltd

Subsidiary of Shanghai Xinxin Groups Co., Ltd

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About Us


Shanghai Huguang Transformer Co., Ltd, abbreviated as HTC, is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai XinXin Groups Co., Ltd, it's a professional company with domestic and foreign innovatively advanced techniques and over 20-year experience of exploiting and manufacturing dry-type transformers. HTC's factory is located in the industrial park area of Fengcheng Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai, the factory has an individual plant with advanced productive and experimental equipments and modern facilities for office works, the floor space is around 35,000 ㎡and the plant area is around 20,000㎡.  There are approximately 200 employees in HTC including 80 technicians. HTC's annual sales volume is around 0.25 billion CNY and annual production capacity is up to 25000 MVA. HTC's transformers have been successful in operation since 1996.

HTC got the Certificate of Quality Management System (ISO9001) in 1997, the Certificate of Environment Management System (ISO14001) and the Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS18001) in 2010. HTC had integrated these three management systems to ensure the quality of products and to adapt to international standards.

With a developed sales system and an operation philosophy 'Advanced Technologies, Normative Management and Reinforcing the Operative Capacity', HTC has been awarded the 'AAA-level of Following Contracts and Valuing Credit Enterprise'. Our brand, HTC, has been awarded the honourable title 'Shanghai Famous Product' since 2002 and the 'Shanghai Enterprise Quality and Management Award' in 2005 (only 11 enterprises got this award). Since 2007, HTC has been awarded 'Shanghai Famed Trademark' in consecutive years, HTC also won the 'Shanghai Clean Production Model Enterprise' and 'Famous Quality Product of Shanghai Electrical Industry' titles in 2009. In 2013, HTC was awarded the title ''3-Star' Credit Creation Enterprise' as well as the titles of 'Customer Satisfied Enterprise' and 'Customer Satisfied Products'. HTC's main products are different types of transformers, which have been sold all over Chinese Mainland market and parts of European and American markets. 

The SC series epoxy resin cast dry-type power transformer with low filling and thin insulation developed and produced by HTC had been listed on 'Shanghai Torch Program' in 1996. Relying on advanced design theory and production equipments, unique production process and the ensurance of company's strict quality system, the quality of HTC's transformers have been greatly enhanced. All the product series have passed the routine tests, type tests and special tests of National Transformer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. And the test reports have been re-audited by National Machine Industry Ministry, National Electric Utility Industry Ministry and Shanghai Electric Utility Industry. The performance of SC series has been certified by Shanghai Science and Technology Information Institute through international online retrieval and reached the international advanced level of 1990s.

In 1998, HTC successfully developed model ZQSC-3360/35, the epoxy insulation dry-type traction rectifier transformer, this product had passed all type tests and special tests of National Transformer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and certified by State Electrical Power Corporation with comments that the performance of this product had reached the advanced level of similar foreign products. This product has been used in traction rectifier power substation of urban rail transits (metro and light rail).

In 2000, our company developed American-style Box-type transformer based on our original dry-type transformer, within the same year, our company did multiple field research in American and European markets, combined with the practical situation of China's electrical power industry, we developed Underground-type transformer.

In 2005, according to request of national new standard, HTC's transformers had finished the Fire Behavior Class F1, Environmental Class E2 and Climatic Class C2 special tests in the first batch. 
In 2006, in response to the national policy of energy saving and emission reduction, HTC developed SC(B)H15 (10kV) series resin casting amorphous alloy transformer with over 70% decrease of no-load loss compared to the silicon steel core with the same capacity.

For the reason that amorphous alloy transformers generally have relatively high prices, to satisfy the market's demand, during 2008-2009, our company developed SC(B)11 series (10-35kV) and SC(B)13 series (10-35kV) resin casting dry-type transformers with high cost-performance. These transformers had passed complete routine test, type test, special test and thermal shock test of National Transformer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center as well as the technical evaluation by experts of Shanghai Power Bureau. After that, SC(B)11 series (10-35kV) and SC(B)13 series (10-35kV) transformers were officially released to the market. In accordance to the needs of social development and market demand, our company invested to transform the coil plant to a closed one to ensure that there will be no impurities getting into the interior of the coils during the winding process of the coils; moreover, the air-conditioner opens 365 days a year at around 25℃ to control the temperature of the transformers' manufacturing process and guarantee the products' qualities.

During 2010-2011, HTC cooperated with Shanghai Shentong Metro Co., Ltd. and developed SC(B)H15 series (35kV) amorphous alloy dry-type power transformer for the energy saving and emission reduction needs of rail transit. This type filled the blank page of this aspect in domestic even foreign industries, narrowed the gap between domestic and foreign techniques and passed complete routine test of National Transformer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and had been through hanging net operation of Shanghai's metros earlier in 2011 and passed the project acceptance in January 2012, since 2013, there has been 70pcs of 35kV amorphous alloy products operated safely on the entire network of Shanghai Metro.

HTC's transformers have advantages like partial discharge magnitude tend to zero, flame retarded, anti-explosion, pollution free, moisture absorption free, dust absorption free, resistance of short circuit, withstand lightning, low loss, small volume, light weight, excellent performance of short-term overload capacity, heat dissipation and economic performance. HTC's transformers have been widely applied to metro, tunnel, sewage treatment project, high-rise building, commercial center, hospital, school, airport, station, port, power plant etc, especially to oil field and chemical plant with high fire-proofing request. With great quality as well-known foreign brands, competitive advantage on price and promptly after-sale service, HTC got some laurels of domestic transformer industry. HTC's transformers had been listed on 'National Key Point New Product Project', 'National Torch Project', 'Shanghai Customer Satisfied Enterprises and Products' by the State Science and Technology Commission, the State Administration of Taxation, the State Ministry of Foreign Trade, the State Technical Supervision Bureau and the State Environmental Protection Bureau. HTC has taken part in many domestic and international professional power-supply equipment exhibition and high technical fairs and has been awarded Shanghai Science and Technology Expo Silver Medal, Shanghai New Product Development Award, Shanghai Star-fire Project, Shanghai New Product Award and Shanghai Energy-saving Product Award, etc. All HTC's products have passed the random-selected examination of electrical power company over the years.

In May 2014, the AQSIQ (State General Administration of the People's Republic of China for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine) executed an accidently products-sequestered examination in transformer industry, the overall random-selected products' pass rate is very low, our company's SCB10-630/35 products have been randomly selected and passed every single routine tests according to the test reports evaluated by Power Industry Electrical Equipment Quality Inspection and Testing Center in June.


In 2015, our company finished the designing and exploiting jobs on DC exciter model GZLC1-1/0.45 and passed the joint adjustment tests by the clients, this is a product different from transformers, which could improve the efficiency of iron mine selection and be used to dispose the residual iron mine, this is an originally and creatively designed product over the recent few years.

In the same year, we finished the designing and exploiting jobs on Multi-winding Traction-rectifier Dry-type Transformer model ZQSCS-1350/10 and passed the testing certification of national authoritative institutions in December 2012, this product had successfully applied the patent right and received orders.
In 2016, our company finished the designing and exploiting jobs on Dry-type Energy-feedback Transformer model SC10-1250/35 and put that into operations in Nanjing Railways; meanwhile, this series of product was also applied in Chengdu Railways and won the general consent of clients.
In the same year, our company successfully developed the On-load Voltage-regulating Dry-type Transformer model SCZ10-20000/35, which was the dry-type transformer with the highest voltage level and maximum capacity developed independently, this made HTC one of a few manufacturing enterprises of maximum-capacity dry-type transformers, reinforced Huguang's technical and brand advantages in the industry and created a steady foundation for company's further developments.

Until now, HTC has supplied over 700 pcs transformers to Metro operations including SC(B)10 series (10kV) distribution transformer, SC(B)10 series (35kV) power transformer, ZQSCB series 24 pulse wave (2750~4400kVA) traction rectifier transformer, DKSC series grounding transformer, SC(B)H15 series (10kV) amorphous alloy dry-type transformer. These transformers have been used in Metro Line 1 and extension, Metro Line 2 and extension, Metro Line 3~17, Xinmin Line, etc. and received high praises from Metro operation company.
To better serve the clients and meet the needs of power markets, HTC equipped two sets of imported Pouring equipment and one set of large Core Transverse Shearing Machine model BHX600 to ensure large-scale and high-capacity production of transformers. In the future, HTC will insist the operation philosophy and quality principle 'Treating every single customer wholeheartedly and manufacturing each product meticulously', to supply high-quality and all-round services for Metro and other customers in electrical-power industry and to exploit a broader market.




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